Alasco Services Inc. offers a range of services.


Asset Management

Alasco asset manages income producing properties on behalf of investor clients. We represent the investor client through sourcing the asset, negotiating the acquisition, conducting due diligence, closing the purchase, asset managing the project for the desired hold period and negotiating disposition when our investor clients’ goals have been achieved.

Alasco’s extensive experience dealing with both sole and co-ownership structures combined with the perspective gained through partnering with major institutional investors across Canada directly benefits our investor clients. We pride ourselves with knowing and communicating with our clients so that all actions undertaken on the investor clients' behalf are tailored to their goals and objectives.


Real Estate Development

On land development front, Alasco represents the investor client from site sourcing through acquisition, project planning, rezoning, site servicing, building construction and leasing.

We are experienced in asset management of large scale new construction and redevelopment projects for the office, retail and industrial sectors. We provide an integrated real estate development solution for our investor clients by retaining, coordinating and guiding a development team comprised of experienced professionals.


Mortgage Brokerage and Servicing

Alasco is a licensed mortgage brokerage in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario and is also a registered mortgage administrator in Ontario. We have the experience to act as a lending conduit for institutional investors, tailoring our services to meet their needs.

Alasco works with the investor client to ensure that the mortgage is underwritten and secured according to the institutional investor’s criteria from mortgage application, commitment letter process, physical due diligence coordination and legal oversight through to disbursement and servicing. Our flexible system caters to the investor clients’ individual needs and fosters a repeat business attitude.

Our servicing template includes a monthly report detailing the financial transactions for the period along with details of our ongoing monitoring of the borrower’s compliance.  We physically inspect the mortgaged property annually or more often if necessary and provide an annual update to the investor client outlining material lease changes, substantive building maintenance or any other condition that would affect the mortgage security.